View Full Version : I usually cannot stand melee in mmos, how many of you changed your mind with ddo?

12-29-2010, 10:33 PM
Now I enjoyed melee in single player games just fine but in fantasy games espically mmorpg, I do not know why but find it boring, I think part of it is sterotyping like saying the fighter cannot think much he is simple and boring to play, and the fact there is no magic to them, anyways I want to try something differant for once, rangers do not look like they are mostly ranged in this mmo not to mention not flashy arrow attacks like fire arrows, and I will play a wizard eventually but want to try the game before I pay for it, finding elves very ugly in this game so want another race for it hehe.

So that leaves the fighters maybe the rogue, anyways let me know your experiences with melee combat thank you.

12-29-2010, 10:40 PM
I find it funny that you've posted three threads over the last month asking for advice about the game before you even try it - I would just download it and play if I were you. Try a bunch of different character types yourself because in the end, it's not other people's opinion of the game that will determine your enjoyment - it's your own personal taste.

That said, if you don't like boring melee I would NOT play a Fighter or a Rogue. The only non-boring melee IMO is The monk, which you would have to pay for. But heck, if you wantto play a caster, you can do so for free. Elves are not the best casters by a long shot. Make a human Wizard. Great versatility, can increase your Intelligence with Human Adaptability, and more survivable than a Drow (generally).

12-29-2010, 10:52 PM
No melee classcis truly boring, especially not Paladins or Monks. They both get lots of special abilities you have to strategically micromanage. Being melee does not mean playing stupid. Even a Barbarian must use his rages wisely. In the real world,a warrior who didn't use his brain usually died. You have to think fast in a melee. I actually can't stand NOT meleeing in this game, Ranged combat is very slow in this game and only really good for killing things you cant reach or pulling, and when spellcasting I find it more fun, at least for me, to just play a melee character who supplements with buffs and healing. Also most offensive spellcasting in this game seems to boil down to casting BB or Firewall constantly and kiting stuff through it, which to me seems more repetitive than melee.

12-29-2010, 11:03 PM
Just gotta remember whatever class you are playing that you need to take out the healers and casters first, then you can concentrate on the melees. So a melee may run in with a ranged weapon on the caster(s) and switch to melee weapons when close enough. Use the crowd control abilities (trip/stun) and abilities that help the rest of your party (sunder/shatter), switch weapons to whatever's appropriate as the situations change (paralyse/stun/curse/stat drain/destruction/X burst) and above all if you play smart with these you can contribute to saving your party a world of pain.

A good melee may also be able to tank through intimidation or hate generation, and may need to spend effort properly gearing up to support the act of drawing the hate and/or mitigating the incoming punishment.

It's not just standing there and swinging your weapon(s). If you want to melee with flavour, maybe try a tempest ranger/rogue/X splash (it's not a fighter, but can output damage like one). "The Exploiter" is an option, if you have monk unlocked, but there are options aplenty.

12-29-2010, 11:04 PM
Hmmm interesting well the monk is a no brainer for me but yea its not free, so that leaves paladin but I am not really into slow combat, iffy about rolling humans I play one in real life hehe, but it may be a better choice for playing a wizzy, but what do you mean by long ranged combat is slow? Do you mean archery or do you mean spell casting or both?

12-29-2010, 11:20 PM
Hmmm interesting well the monk is a no brainer for me but yea its not free, so that leaves paladin but I am not really into slow combat, iffy about rolling humans I play one in real life hehe, but it may be a better choice for playing a wizzy, but what do you mean by long ranged combat is slow? Do you mean archery or do you mean spell casting or both? Actually, all melee classes have abilities you need to micromanage, just paladins and Monks moreso than the others. There is no class that only sits there and hits things. Ranged combat is slow and inferior DPS to melee, except when using the Manyshot special ability, which has a cooldown on it. Many archer characters only use archery until the monster arrives in melee range, or until Manyshot runs out and is on cooldown. Spellcasting DPS is restricted by your Spellpoints, which do not regenerate outside of combat (you need to use a rest shirne, of which there are only so many of in a dungeon), making them a finite resource. The vast majority of spellcaster damage revolves around using Blade barrier (if divine) or Firewall (if Arcane). They're static spells that you cast in particular place, so the name of the game is just to kite enemies through them. Once you get these spells, they will be almost the only spell you ever cast offensively. Most spellcasters get useful buffs and crowd control spells as well (and healing spells for Divine casters), which they spend the vast majority of their spellpoints on. Most DPS in this game is done with melee, with ranged and Spellcasting supporting the melee more than standing alone.

01-01-2011, 04:00 PM
If you consider a Rogue then you'll have quite a challenge although it will initially be a strategic or tactical one rather than a magical one.

At low levels it is about stalking through dungeon and wilderness areas and picking your first target before a desperate melee, using whatever resources (magical or otherwise) you have to hand to fight as effectively as possible.

If you team up in a party or recruit a hireling you will be able to Sneak Attack more often once you learn how to avoid being the source of aggro.

As a rogue, with a decent Spot, you'll get hints about traps and secret doors that you'll be able to find with a decent Search. There are traps to disable and locks to pick, things other classes are unable to do. You can explore places whether others can't reach.

Keep your UMD progression up and you'll eventually also be able to use most scrolls, wands and even make items believe you are a Half-Orc (for example). UMD (use magical device) will allow you to use all kinds of magical kit.

I'd recommend a Halfing Rogue (better stealth and backstabbing enhancements) with the following 28 point distribution:

Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 10 with Toughness as your feat.

Make sure you have Spot, Search, Disable Devices, Pick Locks and UMD. Consider also Listen, Jump (to allow you to jump out of fights and kill the shamans) and Swim.

Playing a Rogue is not easy but it does favour brains over brawn.

01-03-2011, 12:11 PM
Its about how you play the game. After several useless threads, I decided to just play the game as it comes. As far as melee being brainless, that's only true if you play it that way. Warriors that live the longest use tactics and strategy rather than mere brutishness.