View Full Version : Character housing revisisted

12-25-2010, 04:59 AM
I know this topic has been mentioned before but here is an idea I would not mind seeing implemented and would like your thoughts and ideas added to it. I would like to see character housing as a place to display trophies. By trophies I mean what I consider useless named loot such as Rakhmel's dagger(+1 dagger) that just gets vendored or thrown away. I would like to have a place to display some of these items so that I could invite friends in to see them or just go and bask in the memories of my past conquest whenever I want.
This could also be used as a plat sink by charging an upkeep cost every month based upon the size of house you want. All of this should be available in game and not thru the DDO store as a way to help govern the in game economy.
Storage hooks, furniture, and crafting alters could also be rented for plat on a weekly or monthly basis as long as it stays in game for the reason mentioned above.
This is not unreasonable to ask for as Turbine already has the basic coding for this developed In LOTRO. May take some adaptaion for DDO but the groundwork is already there.