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12-18-2010, 12:23 PM
Its the things that bug you in the long run, the composition of the game is off balance! that what i feel.

By composition i mean.

1. how much xp each quests rewards compared with how difficult it is
2. how weak some monsters became after many updates that boosted players
3. how unfair two handed weapon wielders such as half-orc barbarians are compare to other build types
4. outdated content such as packs and gear compare to the new content
5. (EDITED) cannt believe i almost forgot this ac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First explanation then my solution

In the inevitable materialistic world that we live in its hard to imagine any action done if not for the profit of the one performing that action. Thats why i want to illustrate that the correction of the composition will benefit ddo in the long run. What we have now in the current situation is that the pursuit for xp drives most of the stormreach population to farm the quests that give the best xp over time invested, the main problem is that there is no other pursuit designed within the game that might give players reason to play in a more versitile way. I always think that a game is only as good as the number of ways to get stronger. in ddo only xp matters at first, the gear comes naturally for those who are well informed. Personaly, the only persuit for gear i experienced was purchasing in the ah and farming bloodstone about 5 hours, and no i never gotten my greensteel greataxe to be mineral II i just disaprove with that type of playing. It gets even better once you become a veteran in this game once you realise that ac doesnt really matter unless your a pure ac build which is not an enjoyable development. So basicly what i am saying is that the composition of the game should prompt the player to experience the game in a more adventures style instead of grinding style.

My solutions (i need help here from the forum readers!)

1. Devs, take records of the wipe/finish ratio of each quest that goes on. after you reaserch you may find that some quests are too easy to solo, and that the trouble for finding a group that can maintain is not worth it. what more is that i get the distinct feeling that mobs are weaker when you solo. Please look into it!

2. Devs, take records of the average time it takes for paries to finish quests versus the xp reward at the end with all the bonuses. i bet you will find that quests of the same difficulty (meaning wipe/finish ration) might have completly incompatible xp rewards! i mean for example the lvl 7 deleras tomb quest gives more then twice xp then the lvl 10 ending sorrow dusk island quest. I did them both today. Please look into it!
im opposed to high xp gain and it should be five quests per rank on average.

3. compostion of mobs needs adjusment in many ways! Since adding ship buffs, introducing easy to get top notch gear, festival addons, and the half orc allmightiness. Yet the mobs stayed the same. So many ways this can be improved. Any foolish dev can just add 10-100 hitpoints to every mob ingame and call it equall, but the challenge here is to have weakness installed into the strong mobs that will get the player thinking and seeking solutions outside of the quest.
Example - making mobs more resistant to base damage and more vulnerable to bane damage.
Result - will make players care enogh to accually carry arround special weapons for special occasion. which is fun.

Example - weapons damage penetration style like adamantite,silver,flametouch,ghostuch,mettaline is a good idea if it would matter more. the vampire in "the church and the cult" is fun just because it requires silver to beat or at least used to. If mobs would be resistant enogh to basic damage without the right damage penetration then obtaining the right penetration would become a line of persuit. All thats left now is to implement the penetration properties into the crafting system and put the resources in long forgoten adventure packs.
Result - now players have a new incentive to run quests other then gaining xp. Having a resource to collect in quests for the purpose to add the properrty of silver into my favorite weapon so i can kill a bunch of really otherwise tough vampires is uuuber fun.

please feel free to add any examples which you think would benefit the composition of mobs!

4. This post is too long anyway! catch the rest in the book that i will publish on the matter.