View Full Version : Recycling Greensteel

12-18-2010, 12:24 AM
With the TR that came out some time,some people,including me,True Reincarnate into different classes therefor rendering past Green Steel items useless,taking up bank space "Just in case" or being discarded,throwing all this hard work and Shrouding-Spamming away.

I have a few True Reincarnates already and enjoy doing so,except for the fact that I'll have to throw my MIN II just for the sake of grinding up another pair to suit my new build.

SO! What if we implemented some sort of Altar in The Shroud or in the Twelve somewhere,wich would be used to get a percentage of either your Shroud ingredients (Arrows,Scales etc) or Green Steel Blank ingredient (Pebbles,Funks etc)
for this either,a Stone of Cleansing or something else could be used to power the whole thing.

Just an idea,games are supposed to be fun and truthfully,repeating The Shroud over and over and over to FINALLY get what you want only to throw it away later is really irritating.

Hell,just make the Tiers/Upgrades transferable from your current Green Steel to a newly made Blank!