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12-17-2010, 12:50 PM
First the text string search is a great addition to the auction house and helps make finding specific items that much easier. However I have a few thoughts of things that I think would be beneficial adds to the auction house. First I am unsure if this has been suggested already or not so if it has, my bad.

I would like to see filters added to the auction house that would allow a greater deal of functionality to the string search function. A basic one that could be added would be adding an option for price range searches. You have the ability to set a top end price for a specific item you area searching for and any of those items on the auction house the are that price or lower are listed.

Further down the road I would like to see even a greater level of filtering implmented if possible. Have the ability to go into a specific category; ingredients for example; and use a text based filter system to remove all the items you do not want to see. To me this is something I would really like to see since during certain holiday events like the Risia festival, I do not want to search through 50+ pages for a series of items I am looking for. Now the initial example of price range filter would eliminate a number of pages in and of itself, I would like to do a search and eliminate anything with winter in it, siberys shards, horns, and bones. Unfortunately, a single price filter would on eliminate a small portion of these that is why I am suggesting a much larger filter system that might be built up over time.

Just a thought.

12-17-2010, 12:56 PM
what you really want to do is add extra functionality to the search function:

[PriceMax:1000] and [PriceMin:100] and [RaceRest:Halfling]