View Full Version : Proposal to change Past Life Purchaseable Feats to Enhancements

12-17-2010, 12:22 PM
Let me just say that I love the idea of TRing. It solves some fundamental problems that chased quite a few players away in the past. That being said, the purchaseable feat system has some flaws that need to be addressed.

1. The system favors classes with lots of feats IE fighters, wizards, monks, rangers.

Classes with the minimum number of feats are hard pressed to take more than 1 feat whereas the above classes could fit in 3-4 easily.

2. Passive Past Life Feats reward you for up to 3 lives, Purchaseable ones are static after the first life.

This presents declining incentives to do more than one life.

3. It is much easier to justify deactivating completionist from an enhancement than a feat.

Especially since there is a strong likelihood that feat exchange tokens will not be sent out for the dead feat.


1. For each past life feat (up to 3), you gain 1 Action Point to your Action Point Total.

Thus on life 1 you have 80 APs, on life 2 you have 81 APs, life 3 you have 82 APs up to # of classes *3 maximum (currently 110).

2. Make purchaseable feats enhancement lines requiring Past Life:X

Sneak of Shadows 1
Requires Past Life: Rogue (1x)
2 APs

3. Make purchaseable lines scale with Past Lives

Sneak of Shadows 1
+5 SA/+10 SA Damage
Requires Past Life: Rogue (1x)
2 APs

Sneak of Shadows 2
+6 SA/+12 SA Damage
Requires Past Life: Rogue (2x)
4 APs

Sneak of Shadows 3
+7 SA/+14 SA Damage
Requires Past Life: Rogue (3x)
6 APs

3. Make each Purchaseable Past Life Clicky an Action Boost with 1 Minute Duration

Allow it to be affected by Action Boost Enhancements like Extra Action Boost 1.

4. Completionist becomes a 2 or 4 point Enhancement