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12-16-2010, 04:57 PM
Looking at mechanic it seems, to me at least, to give off mixed messages on whether you should use the repeaters that you get with the PrE or if you go melee instead.

Mechanic I gives you Light Repeating Crossbow profiency and you get to add your intelegence modifier to all crossbow damage. These seems to be a clear focus on making a ranged character except that you don't get your sneak attack damage if you stand too far away (30 feet pnp rules not sure if it translate to this in game).

Then you go to Mechanic II that gives you Heavy Repeating Crossbow profiency and a Smite Construct ability that only works in melee and again you also don't get your sneak attack at any real range.

Another Rogue ability, Wrack Construct that reduces fortification on a construct for a small time is also a melee only ability.

These PrE's also give you increased chances to get trap parts and increased DC for traps that you set but 90% of these traps are a joke. Everyone has heard of how most traps where being used in the marketplace to create chaos so if that doesn't show you how useless traps are I don't know what will.

The increased number of traps for the materials was a step in the right direction but Mechanics need more then that.

My suggestions are to create a Mechanic III PrE, create either an enhancment line or rogue bonus feat that increases the range a rogue can be at and still get sneak attack, and lastly get some help for those traps.

Mechanic III
Mechanic III should be a ranged focused giving Mechanic rogues several things:
1) Grants an additional +2 to skills (for a total of +6 to Disable Device, Open Lock, Repair, Search, and Spot Skills)
2) Great Crossbow Profiency (to continue with the theme of exotic crossbows)
3) Chance to collect soul gems from elemental traps (to make them less dependant on Casters and Vacuum Items)
4) Simular to the Paladin Knight of Chalice or Hunter of the Dead giving all weapons a Mechanic uses Greater Contruct Bane or Smiting. (Personally I think Greater Construct Bane would be the better option but not sure what other would think. Also continues with the theme of specialized at fighting constructs.)

Increased Range
An enhancement line or a feat to increase the range that rogues deal sneak attack would go long way for Mechanics since sneak attack is the entire reason that you go rogue more then splash.

My idea for an enhancment line would most likely cost 1/2/3/4 and increase it by 15/30/45/Unlimited. My reasoning for unlimited is that it would cost a total of 10 AP to get it, that is 1/8 of your total that you most likely would of needed to get those last damage bonuses or sneak attack lines.

A feat (either a normal feat or a rogue bonus feat) that increases the range by double every time you take it sounds like a good idea to me.

All the traps need are some simple little changes to make them better.

1) If you set it you should be able to at minimum disable it for some parts.
2) Let us see how much damage they are doing.
3) Increase the range of the blast for lower level traps.
4) Let us be able to increase the level of magic traps that we are allowed to used to a maxium of level 6 either the Mechanic PrE or something else. (Nothing says surpised like a hold monster trap.)

Sorry for the length of this post.


12-17-2010, 03:22 AM

I have a lvl 9 Mechanic and have yet to fool around w/traps since they seemed so week.

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12-17-2010, 07:33 AM

I like all of these ideas. Being able to sneak attack with a crossbow from any range would give people more reason to become mechanics instead of assassins. Of course Deepwood Snipers should also get that enhancement line, but for bows.

Being able to sneak into a room, drop a hold monster trap, sneak out, toss in a grenade to get one of the enemies to move and trigger the trap, then sit back and sneak attack to your hearts content sounds like fun to me. With enough traps, a rogue might actually be able to solo a quest every now and then. =)

(Yes, I know that there are certainly some rogues out there that solo quests. An assassin with Rad 2s perhaps. Or someone who sneaks through the whole quest and just takes out the red name at the end.)

12-17-2010, 08:25 AM
I'm not a fan of the Extended range for sneak atk. In a raid or a group you don't need to be over 20 feet anyway. With the way argo works now if a ranged character is off shooting a long distance they have a high chance of the boss just up and running away from the tank and the tank can't do anything until the boss actually reaches the shooter. The reason alot of the player base dislikes ranged weapons is becuase you end up chaseing mobs all day. you can do just as much damage just out of melee range as you can at 20 feet and still miss 95% of the damage from the comming boss. All being able to shoot from farther away will just add more of a hinderance to group memeber trying to kill the same mobs.

I love the way my Mechanic is set up start off with a crossbow then when things get settles pull out my GS greataxe and start chopping.

Although I do like the idea of a teir 3 of the PrE.