View Full Version : Improving Named Items, A Crafting Suggestion

12-16-2010, 02:21 PM
First off I'd like to say that I'm sure I haven't seen every named item in game. There must be hundreds and I'm basing this mostly on what I've found, been shown and what I see on the AH and in Trade. Some of them are quite good as they are and some can be Epic upgraded and whatnot, but lets face it most are somewhat of a let down or have strange features like odd stat boosts (I'm seriously thinking of designing a character with all odd stats to take advantage of this) or can easily be surpassed by some vendor junk you find in a chest. Named items should be special in some way other than being rare and expensive on the AH. This is not meant for greensteel or other already Epic items.

I think crafting should be able to be used on named items to improve them a bit. This should not be possible on all items (except for suggestion #1 below). As I stated before I'm sure some are just fine as is or have other options to pursue to greatness. I think crafting on a named item should bind it to you in some way (leaning towards BtA unless some things might get out of hand for twink gear or raising ML after crafting on some items might be required to keep things in line). A few suggestions follow. These are not comprehensive, they are just to throw out some ideas. I leave it to others to decide on ingredients/proceedures etc....

1) All named items should be able to be fitted with Guild Augment Slots with a tiered progression from Tiny on up.

2) I've never tried putting a named item in the Stone of Change to bind and improve it. Does it work? If not, some items might benefit from this.

3) Items with stat boosts should be able to be raised to +6 one increment at a time.

4) Items with Protection and/or Resistance boosts should be able to be raised to +5 one increment at a time.

5) Items with skill boosts should be able to be raised to +15 up to two increments at a time.

A few specific examples:

6) Cloak of Invisibilty (the white one, not a generic) - First Upgrade to 3/Rest, Second Upgrade to 5/Rest; AC +1 per Upgrade, max +5. Each individual Upgrade counts as one ritual.

7) Cape of the Roc - First Upgrade to 1 min +6 STR 3/Rest, Second Upgrade to 3 min +6 STR 3/Rest, Third Upgrade to 5 min +6 STR 3/Rest, possible Fourth Upgrade to 5 min +6 STR 5/Rest; Feather Fall = No Change.

8) Cloak of Protection (the black one, not a generic) - First Upgrade to SR 19, Second Upgrade to SR 23, Third Upgrade to SR 30; AC +1 per Upgrade, max +5. Each individual Upgrade counts as one ritual.

9) Cloak of Curses - Upgrade to repair the rips that cause it to turn on you.

10) Ring of the Ancestors - First Upgrade to 2/Rest, Second Upgrade to 3/Rest (this could also go 3/Rest and 5/Rest, but I think that is too much).

11) Mysterious Ring - On this one I'm torn between allowing us to swap mysterious abilities randomly or just upgrading what's there or maybe both and you are stuck with what you choose if you upgrade a boost/effect. Probably not all options would be upgradable.

12) Mace of Smiting - First Upgrade to Impact (non-stacking with IC), Second Upgrade to Force, Third Upgrade to Force Burst.

And the list goes on...