View Full Version : Did the word "CUSTOMIZATION" confuse you?

12-13-2010, 12:56 PM
Seriously, the response to the armor appearance kits on the Lamannia forums was best described as "underwhelmed" due to the severely limited selection and inability to mix and match parts.

...So when you launch Update 8, only ONE of the (already limited) four possible skins goes live with it?

Let me put this another way: People have been complaining for years about being stuck with baby-blue pajamas as the only possible option for appearance. So...after a massive wave of marketing hype, we get...you guessed it...ONE option. Well...it's maybe a half-step in the right direction.

I'm sorry, but going from Dragontouched Plate to "MC Hammer Video refugee" in our choice of "Puke Purple" or "Red Light District" is not an improvement that should be headlining the new expansion. It should maybe be in the last line of the release notes. In parentheses. In very small type.

Release the other three skin patterns. You don't have enough bullets in that gun to milk it out for hype. Just get them out there ASAP and pray the live servers aren't as upset with the system as Lamannia was. Just dump them to the store and move on to developing a customisation system like we've been asking for...or at least more skins.

12-13-2010, 02:44 PM
Oh, I so agree with all of that! The lack of customisation in this game is way rough. I just wanted to tweak the colours on my dragontouched vestments a little, not slide into a party costume. I spent a silly amount of time a while back trying to find a decent set of deathblock/fort outfits in the AH (where you have no idea of the style you're getting) to avoid that horry monk outfit with the tiger-skin loin-cloth and canteen slung from the waist. A big reason I dislike the feel of DDO is hard-core gaudiness. Actually, that seems to be a problem with most online RPGs. Why do developers think they need to add every possible colour in the see-able spectrum and to jam as many 'bits' as possible on outfits to make a game good?

If I thought the present monk outfits were overly complex, you could imagine my reaction to the armor kits. My monk isn't an aging Elvis! He doesn't want flared arms flapping in his face when he hits things! A skin-tight bodysuit that looks more cyberpunk than fantasy (albeit in gaudy red instead of something black). No disrespect to whichever people modelled them, they look great I guess if you like that kind of style.

Just give me simple black ninja pajamas! I'd happily pay some turbine points for those. Or even something torn and worn looking - David Carradine/Kwai Chang Caine. I might even consider dressing my character in Chuck Norris action jeans over the visually confusing, dress-up party styles of DDO. Why does everything need to make my characters look like the suggestion of a rockstar's stylist on crack? *sighs* End rant. :(

Although on a final note, I vaguely thought LOTRO might even 'feel' like the films - dark and gritty! But no, it's even more cartoony than DDO. And just if you thought I was only going to bag turbine: I blame all of this ridicuslous trend towards party costumes on WOW. It has ruined online RPGs forever!!!