View Full Version : Cosmetic armor colors.

12-13-2010, 10:05 AM
I like to violet colors but not the red. My preference though. I don't mind red too much if it just boarders things and there is more of another color, much like the Mabar robe.

I like the robe without the shoulder stuff. There are very few outfits with shoulder stuff that I like. Mabar robe I like and the shoulder stuff also. It is so hard to find a good looking robe that doesn't have a high collar with effects I want. I've had to tolerate some dreadful outfits.

I need a different color for my cosmetic gear though.

My haggle bard cannot be seen in a outfit that doesn't match. She wears that Lucky Green Hat from the DDO store because it is just a really nice looking hat and she has to have a green outfit to match. She wears one now but she does like that cosmetic one more, unfortunately it doesn't come in her color. She is rather vein.

Please make some green outfits, allow us to apply our own color scheme...like the hair dye, or offer an option to use the colors off the gear that we are already wearing if we like the color but don't like the armor style.

You are taking a step in the right direction with cosmetic gear and I thank you for your effort.