View Full Version : Contest : Quest line by Players

12-12-2010, 04:12 PM
This is a very easy thing and i hope people like the idea. A contest where players send in suggestions for a series of quests. Now this would be a awesome contest I think since alot of us also played pen and paper. The winner would be based on the greatest quest line and how well written it is into the world and city. Meaning you have to put alot of thought into it not just slap something togeather. As for what the winner would recive I personally think would be the best prize of all. Getting to narriate the story as the DM. Something that would be in the game and everyone would def strive for. Personally I think this would be very popular with players. As to how to start it have people send in a short description of the quest line, what lv range it would be for, the area its in, who would be the patron for it, and what type of creatures to expect. This would all be taken into account for who would win the contest. Hopefully others will like this concept and maybe so would turbine.