View Full Version : The Fallen Knights Level 67 Sub-Division guilds!

12-05-2010, 10:40 AM
If you are new to Orien & would like access to a level 67 airshsip than you can join our new sub-division guilds which allow full access to our level 67 flagship. We have a joint chat with all the sub guilds + the main guild + Forever Knights which allows for ease of groups to be formed + access to the flagship. If interested please send an in game email to IronWulf or KelticKing with your interest in the following sub-divisions:
TFK Spellcasters Division(Contact Divinepower)/ TFK Warriors Division (Contact Reusaki) / TFK Specialists Divisions (Contact Olathural) (Monks/Rogues/Bards) These are brand new at the moment & I will be looking for responsible individuals to officiate. So if you're looking for a guild with room to grow this is the guild for you.