View Full Version : a positive change to looting mechanics?

11-26-2010, 10:17 PM
Alright, so here's a non-drama thread to a change I think should be considered for chest looting mechanics. Currently the system works as so:

-If you disconnect during the looting process and someone opens the chest prematurely before you get back, you will receive NO loot - and nobody can pass loot to you. I think the mechanic should be changed to if you are inside the party, and inside the instance - whether you are dc'ed or not - you should still get the loot pull. it's too easy for people to mindlessly open the chest without realizing someone's dc'ed, or for someone to even purposefully grief the dc'ed person by opening the chest anyways.

something else that could be considered as well - when people dc and everyone else leaves the instance - dont let the instance reset until 5 minutes after the person has dc'ed. that gives them the chance to finish up anything they need to finish without getting screwed over (e.g. shroud crafting and dc-ing in the middle of it).

there are also issues with loot accidentally being passed to people no longer in the instance - and in epics, unable to re-enter and assign it to the right person - causing grief although unintended.

just a few tweaks that would make the game more enjoyable for everyone.