View Full Version : Guild Renown for Epic end rewards

11-18-2010, 06:54 AM
Currently, end rewards for epic raids and quests do not scale with difficulty. Completing a level 20 epic quest gives you end rewards as if you had completed the quest at its original level. Additionally, since you are technically far above the quest level (level 20 versus quest level 10 or so), guild renown tokens are rarely, if ever, offered. Level 6-10 end rewards in an epic quest are obviously not commensurate with the effort.

I'm not suggesting the loot level be increased to level 20. No one running epic raids needs another +3 Scepter of Greater Spell Penetration VI. However, I think it would be appropriate to offer a static guild renown token at the completion of an epic quest.

It's quite absurd that my mid-level TR'd character generates more renown in a week of running level 10-12 quests than my level 20 character generates running epic quests and raids in a month. Adding guild renown tokens as epic end rewards would help close the gap.