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11-16-2010, 06:16 PM
Can I get the Pros and Cons on a build please? I was thinking 15 cleric(RS)/3 monk/2 paladin. It would most likely be a finesse build dual wielding kamas/rapiers.

I was thinking I would start with 16 dex,16 wis, and 14 chr. Any thoughts?

11-16-2010, 09:01 PM
I don't know what your build goals are, but: if you take more than 2 monk levels, you're basically committing yourself to using monk weapons (handwraps, kamas, staves, short swords if Ninja, longswords w/Whirling Steel Strike feat); otherwise, it's pointless, because you can't use monk strikes etc.

So...what're your build goals?

11-16-2010, 09:12 PM
Honestly I am trying to build an effective character with relatively limitless resources. I want the 3rd lvl of monk because I want fists of light and improved recovery.

11-17-2010, 02:04 AM
Thats the build i'm using on my clonk :)

copied & pasted from a response i sent to a PM enquiry about it...

Its a pretty fun little build, though levelling it that way initially could be tricky. Basically i had a fairly standard halfling cleric 17/monk3 originally as i prefer to melee on my characters rather than cast spells & since healing ki benefits from cleric enhancements the idea was to heal from the middle of battle to spam FoL & healing ki to save SP, plus grant further savings for buffing & mid-battle for self & allies from aligning the heavens. I added the paladin levels through LR later as i wasnt using level 9 spells much and wanted to get evasion to a decent number, so the extra +7 from the pally splash seemed like a good idea (it also meant more hp from the higher hit die plus class-based toughness & higher concentration from the aura enhancement).

I'm at work at the moment & cant remember the exact starting stats but it was a 32 point build & THINK it was 13/16/14/8/16/14 or thereabouts, and have used a +2 supreme tome, plus i have a +6 item on everything except INT... feats were toughness (x2, made a mistake.. should switch 1 out for PA but cant be bothered right now), weapon finesse (again, can probably switch this out, but was without a +str item a while due to weird item slots so took it for times when divine power wasnt running.. lightning reflexes would likely be a good replacement), 2wf, maximise, empower healing, quicken, extend, extra turning (+4 uses of aura/RS burst & i rely on them a lot so its hardly wasted), path of harmonious balance, with AP spent on the entire healing boost, crit chance & crit multiplier lines, RS naturally, a couple of extra turns, toughness, halfling reflex save bonuses (up to +3), clever monkey monk path, monk healing amplification, the +SP line & some other bits & pieces.

She currently runs with a little over 440 HP (less when death pact is active) & 1300 SP in fire stance, as i have the sentinels bracers for the +25% healing amp, and it means faster ki generation for more FoL, healing etc. Weapons-wise i use vicious pure good handwraps as standard (FoL plus aura offsets self-harming nicely) or a pair of holy/PG silver kamas for boss-beating, vorpal kamas for mobs in higher level areas, and have a couple of other things for undead, constructs etc. Self-buffed her saves are all in the region of +35 with Holy Aura active, and with GH & water stance i can push it to just over +40 (reflex is actually the weakest and can still just about top 40) - thats without any exceptional bonuses from greensteel/epic gear, so hopefully with those plus stone of change recipes i may eventually get to +45 on all of them.

Her main weakness is DPS - she cant really do much, though the vicious wraps/DR bypassers at least guarantee SOME damage, but soloing through the amrath explorer area the only enemies i couldnt handle on her were the named troll, since its red named & cant be vorpalled so it was regenerating almost as fast as i could hit it & the cats with "crucible of shavarath" property were troublesome too, but everything else was just a matter of waiting for it to proc or wearing it down gradually... though Holy Aura was a big help to stop them hitting in the first place

11-17-2010, 08:51 AM

I think the reason the DPS is so low is the fact that you are going with halfling and weapon finesse.

I am currently about to TR a 36 pt build such as this one. 15cleric, 3monk, 2pal/ftr(possibly).
It will be strength based, and human.

The thing I cannot decide which way to go on would be based on weapon type. In order to qualify for all the feats I want, I need human. If I go fighter, I have enough to pickup WSS grab haste boost and overall have better dps.

When going paladin on a build like this, you have to give up WSS for the most part, which means less dps, but better survivability.

I would highly, HIGHLY. Recommend getting inital chr up to 16 for a build like this, even if you have to go drow, for the bonuses to turn undead, as well as divine might 3 +6 sacred dmg to all attacks.

My build like this is based on healing amp. With current gear setup. DT armor 10/20%, greensteel LS 30%, Human 30%, finger necklace 10%, monk 10% I have calculated my healing aura will heal for 62 not crit, always.
Plus 8 hp per hit from fists of light. Add in a dream edge for about 7-9 more hp per hit.

Can you say unkillable?

A self regenerating melee dps toon

11-17-2010, 09:15 AM
Honestly I am trying to build an effective character with relatively limitless resources. I want the 3rd lvl of monk because I want fists of light and improved recovery.
In that case, I would probably go monk 3 / cleric 17. Some take a paladin or ftr splash for Divine Grace or the extra feats like Steveohio's build, but IMHO it's not worth sacrificing your lvl 9 spells. Did you have a particular race in mind? 28 or 32-pt build? Weapon preference?

11-17-2010, 11:01 AM
Well I planned on going halfling...love the extra AC, saves, and to hit. I guess I could go human if it would really save my build :(

32 point build and probably using kamas and rapiers. My math puts me in the high 60s and low 70 as far as AC. Thats self buffed only.

I am gonna be running with a WF 16/2/2 sorc/pally/rogue and wanted a build similar but not the same.

11-17-2010, 04:07 PM
32 point build and probably using kamas and rapiers.
Rapiers are not monk weapons; you can only use monk abilities like FoL with monk weapons. Also, a halfling monk / cleric would not be proficient with rapiers, although a monk / paladin / cleric would be.

11-17-2010, 04:14 PM
I think you might have the class split wrong!

3 monk goes with 2 FIG

2 Pal goes with 3 ROGUE

The only weapons worth considering for the 3 monk splash (with 15 levels of cleric) are the fists and the longswords. The longswords are never going to be more than 'bad' DPS - your fists could push you up to 'mediocre' - but finesse building isn't a very good idea here.
But whichever weapon you choose you will need need need the haste boosts to have any relevance DPSwise at all. So definitely the monk needs to be combined with the Fig.

Perhaps a better option is to take Khopesh and fight uncentered in group scenarios, and keep the fists for soloing?
I'll mildly disagree with unbongwah that a 3 level monk splash commits you to monk only weapons --> it can be useful simply for the extra imp recovery.