View Full Version : A more transparant Mabar Turbine response

11-10-2010, 02:31 PM
I personally know many people who were offended by the warning and ban (I got a warning, grats to all the banned that got 100TP =).

But, Turbine's response was appropriate, though a little slow.

However, why isn't there an announcement and apology about the forum over-policing? If I were a forum moderator and noticed the increased activity about Mabar, I would just lock (not delete) all the threads about it, and post a comment that the issue has been sent to the higher ups and will hopefully be resolved soon.

That's good customer service. That's all everyone here wants.

Please acknowledge that your customer service is "a work in progress." Point out the problems with how this was handled, and ask angered players to bear with you while you make some more constructive moves from what you've learned in the wake of this.

11-10-2010, 02:33 PM
You may be looking at this too simply.

We have no idea what powers a forum moderator has other than being a moderator. For them to say that it's being looked into would be a lie if they don't know that, or can't say that.

Don't assume the fact that they can relay our messages to people who do have power means that they have the power/authorirty themselves to answer on behalf of Turbine.


11-10-2010, 02:56 PM
The forum moderator should be able to make a common sense judgment call post like "I'm noticing a lot of threads popping up about an automatic exploit e-mail. I'm locking all the threads and reporting it to the dev team. Thank you for your patience."

If they're not "authorized" to even say something like that, then Turbine corporate culture is in real trouble. And it just underlines Turbine's overly rigid approach to MMO administration, especially to the angry dis-empowered players who have put up with dis-empowered GM's and dis-empowered customer service. Which translates into less service to the players/customers, often under the guise of "we fear exploits."

11-10-2010, 03:04 PM
Tolero did actually state in one of the threads (one of the ones that stayed open, you can find it with the Dev Tracker) that it was still being reviewed. As far as the deleting of threads, considering that they have a policy of not discussing bans/infractions/exploits, why would that change just because there was more activity? I am not defending their actions, but you are asking for something that will not happen without a major policy shift.