View Full Version : Until Death Do Us Part

11-10-2010, 12:26 PM
Hello everyone im from Orien, and I own a guild. Atm its only level 18, I have 50k plat into the guild funds for an air ship and im having trouble finding members. New and old are welcome. If you wanted to join theres a trial period of three days if you dont do much, your not on, or you dont participate then we will get rid of you if not you stay. We have a guild site at www.uddup.tk check it out if ud like. Sign up on the site and send Xsilverx a message on the orien server and I will add you to the guild. Make sure when you sign up on the site you sign up under your actual name in game. We havnt started anything yet but big plans are going to happen when we hit level 20. This includes raids, favor runs, tournaments. Basicly I want the guild to be a home away from home. Anyone who doesnt really wanna talk dont apply. I understand some people how things going on in there life as do I, all I ask is you give me a heads up so I know your coming back. I will also be looking for a few members for my main admin. The admins will be voting on everything that happens so no choices are mine alone. Join now! Grow with us! :)