View Full Version : what's a best ranger/fighter/monk (splash?) combination...

11-10-2010, 08:27 AM
what i want is basically a high ac, high saves, nice damage toon who can solo stuff.

i already have a level 19 toon; ranger 12/fighter 7 atm. so i know everything about that.

but i ask a question about ac a few days before and they told me if you don't have high 60s (65+ ?) don't bother.

and then i said, even if i get green steel stuff and dragontouched stuff, i can only hit 55 or so.

(and hell, i have dodge feat, i have two weapon defense feat, i have tempest 2 which is 3 shield bonus to ac.... i also have barkskin +4 natural armor, i have chaosgarde.... still stuck at 55 MAX)

then they told me, you can't hit high ac without monk splash......


now, if what character planner says true, monk gets wisdom bonus to ac at level 5...

how much bab i will lose with 5 monk levels?

forget about "power attack" i guess?


i love dwarves also. because i love axe attack/damage enhancements and con and dwarven armor enhacements (even if you wear robes, you still need those armor enchancements to go beyond +8dex bonus to armor, right?)


ok... so, basically;

you are a dwarf, you have access to dragontouched and green steel and monk. but nothing else.

28 points. you want to use dual dwarven axes.

DAMN! or should i use long swords with that monk feat?

then no point being a dwarf...

better be an elf?


i know this question is messy. but i still want;

"a high ac, high saves, nice damage toon who can solo stuff."


ranger/fighter (and monk if i have to)

unconfuse me.