View Full Version : ZEN ARCHERY - Useless?

11-08-2010, 03:03 AM
I have tried to create a build using this feat, which would be much more useful if ranged feat progression would be re-tuned to reflect the use of WIS modifier for the attack bonus. Specifically, it does little good to require a 17 dex for manyshot, or 19 dex for Improved precise shot, the quintessential ranged combat feats. While yes, you could build a FVS 17, Monk 2, Ranger 1 or whatever with great D/C's and reflex saves, your ranged damage is still a STR roll. How many stat points can you afford to put into STR at this point(not many). Bottom Line: I would strongly encourage the developers to review the requirements on the ranged feat progression and to have them require WIS once Zen archery is purchased.

11-08-2010, 03:08 AM
ki weapon 4 monks monk AA:)