View Full Version : End game/Epic focused guild recruiting.

11-05-2010, 10:52 AM
Not noob friendly is now recruiting.

Send me a tell/mail ingame (Vallic, Vallick, Nelial, Cirruci) or a post here with your character names.

We will be running epic VoN6, Epic DQ, and epic chronoscope atleast 3 times a week.
And we will be running the rest of the raids on hard/elite
Epic quests will most likely be done on a daily basis.


Atleast 2 level 20 toons
(If you only have 1 level 20 toon and wish to join, I will consider it, but I will also want you to put effort into lvling up a second toon)
Why 2 level 20 toons? people need to be flexible and beable to flip toons when a raid needs a healer/arcane/tank

if you are not quite geared nor ready for epic raids, and are interested in joining, I will give you a chance still, basically the people I don't want in this guild are those who refuse to learn and better themselves.

Once the guild grows I will come up with a raid schedule that works for everyone.