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11-02-2010, 03:23 PM
So, way back when, monks used to have to spend AP in order to get the first level of a stance (novice of earth/air/fire/water). But then, the good folks at Turbine decided that you didn't quite feel like a monk until you had these stances, so they gave them to us at level 1 for free, effectively freeing up 4 AP. Very cool.

But, this came with a side effect. Without those enhancements, monks now have no level 1, 0AP enhancements other than improved skill enhancements. Meaning if you're not a Ninja Spy, you either burn AP on those, or on racial enhancements (which only a few races will have significant ones at this point). When you consider that halfling is the most popular race for monks, that pretty much means you're burning 2 AP on either improved skills, or on +1 to an individual save (Halfling Luck), the latter of which seems cool until you consider that monks just don't miss saves (they're already super high).

Something class-related besides skills needs to be available at this opening point. It's just lame for there to be nothing. Every other class gets something to spend their AP on, but not monk. I have a few fix ideas:

1. This is the simplest. Take Fists of Iron, Ten Thousand Stars, Eagle Claw Attack, and Unbalancing Strike and make them have a 0 AP prereq, and take away their need for the Adept enhancements. These abilities aren't all that powerful, anyways, and making them available to level 1 characters isn't going to unbalance anything.

2. This one is to make some new enhancements. All would be 1 AP cost, require 0 AP spent, and have no other prereqs. There would be one for each basic finisher (earth/earth/earth, fire/fire/fire, etc). The effect on each would be the same, too, and that would be to just reduce the number of attacks done in order to get your finisher off. So instead of doing fire/fire/fire for a burning hands, you could just do fire/fire. This would make it easier for low-level characters to make better use of their finishers. And lets consider the finishers, here. Air, water? Pretty much useless. Fire? Cute at low levels, useless later on (except maybe in the Orchard quest where you have to light torches...). Earth? The only useful finisher at higher levels, but still, not that great until you're at the end game when guys don't just instantly die after being stunned.

3. This one is probably the worst, as it is in fact the most powerful. These ones would cost 2 AP, require 0 AP spent, and would have no other prereqs. Again, one for each stance, and their effect would be to reduce the ability score penalty given by that stance to -1 instead of -2. These enhancements would also lead into a second tier line, maybe available at level 11, cost 4 AP, requiring 36 AP spent, and possession of the appropriate Adept enhancement, and would reduce the penalty to 0 instead of -2. This could be a bit overpowered, evidenced by the fact that I know I wouldn't hesitate to take it for my Wind Stance monk, but then again, how many Fire Stance monks out there really care that much about their Wisdom? Or how many Water Stance monks care about their Strength? But, this enhancement has the advantage of being able to use both of those opening AP (you know, the ones that you need to burn before you open up Monk Wisdom I).

Perhaps there are better ideas for opening enhancements (post them if you got them), but really, there just needs to be something worthwhile and class related for monks at level 1, 0 AP spent. Right now, there isn't.

11-02-2010, 09:51 PM
I like your ideas.

11-04-2010, 02:36 PM
It's probably worth noting that if you're a halfling light monk going shintao, and you wanted to go the Improved Recovery III route, that unless you wanted to take a bunch of skill boosters or the halfling save boosters, you hit another dead spot at 12 AP. So you need to blow 2 AP right off the bat, and then need to just blow 2 more AP once you've spent 12.

This is just more evidence that there needs to be more low-level enhancements for Monk.