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Hello all im out in Iraq and nothing to do since it is going on 11pm so i decided i would see if you all could help me with some builds. Ok so I have been around for a little while now and always had an issue with rolling up to many dang toons before finishing up one. So what i plan on doing now over a period of time of course is capping 1 toon of each class instead of having my three rangers and this and that. I will post the what i am looking for out of each class and if anyone can throw in some inout are link me a build you think I may like that would be grand. Dont worry I will be searching forums as well just internet out here causes it to go a little slow. Ok now time for what im looking for! All raid gear not an issue cept titan. Epic ehhh dont run them much.

1.)Cleric: I have a capped lvl 20 dwarf cleric with all his healing gear. What I am looking for though is a cleric that can main heal, evasion is a plus,solo most things (with blade barrier not very diff. alrdy) But also have very nice d/c's..O ya cant forget about HP"S...Im alrdy working on making atleast one con opp gs...torc is work in progress. Im also more than willing to TR him into another race lvling isn't much of an issue.

2.)bard: I have a lvl 17 almost 18 haggle bard and yes while i love the plat i can rake in with her she is justno fun to play and has been on the back burner for some time now. What i am looking for her is pretty simple a bard that is a blast to play spellsinger/chanter doesnt matter. While for the most part i do agree most bard regardless are great for parties i just would like to feel as if i am contributing more.

3.) rogue: Well I have a lvl 17rogue/1fighter its my first attempt at a rogue mehh he is decent but by no means on the lvl of many other ones out there. What i am looking for is DPS based rogue trap skills a must with very nice HP's. Havent played him very much best gear on him is probly his icy ram. and is meta. pg sccimmy's and bani rapiers.

4>) Wizzy nva rolled one due to the fact i think sorc's are far better but i would like to be proved wrong. What i want is simple best all -around wizzy for higher end content....is TR's are required once capped np.

5.) Monk Again i have only briefly messed around with a mnk. What I looking for is a mnk that can make it thourgh the thick of things. I would like one that can get an AC that actually matters (yeas i knw that usually means lots of gear grinding..o well bring it) Also HP's are a must of course thats with all toons.

6>)Fighter oddly enough i haven't rolled up a fighter in hrmm 3 years which was deleted some time ago. What I am looking for is two diff. fighter builds first is the given pure dps. The other which im not sure if fighter are pally is the way to go is an AC/ intimitank.

7>)Pally well Dps based one would be what I am looking for first. Second build is only if the Intimi/AC tank is better off as pally.

Well I think that is enough for now thanks ahead of time for any and all help. O yea a side note as for as the melee dps builds go fighting style doesn't matter THF/TWF both work for me.


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Can't help you with melees, but check out the Bard Builds in the Guide. I'm a little biased towards Aelunira the Diva. But really the kind of Bard you roll up depends on what you find fun. Melee focus or Caster/Healing focus is the first question... after that it all falls into place.