View Full Version : Best PvP Build: Immune to Bard Songs and Slayer Arrows! Also has spell prot!

10-23-2010, 09:19 PM
Here is the build:

1. Make a 32-point build level 4 fighter.
1a. 28 point-builds are also okay if you don't have 32's available.
1b. Likewise, a level 1 fighter is just as good if you don't have levels 4's unlocked.
2. Put all points into cha and int. You need to be sexy and smart!
3. Skill points, feats, and enhancements can go into anything; you'll see why later.

Now that you have your fresh new PvP build, head to the Wayward Lobster!

Once at Wayward Lobster, follow the steps.

1. Be sure you are on brawling ledge.
2. Turn on the "defensive fighting" ability, the best offense is a good defense!
3. Quit DDO and go for a walk/bike ride or even play a sport (football, tennis, etc.).
4. Log back on later and delete your character.

Congratulations! You have just made and retired a character with a perfect record of zero deaths! I highly recommend everyone to try this build as it will bring upon much joy because you have never lost a match or even died. I did it and it raised my self esteem considerably! Also, please take note that not once you have gotten hit with a bard song or even got touched by a slayer arrow. No need to worry about a PvP ladder because there is no such thing in DDO!

But wait, there's more!!!

In addition to your character that had a perfect PvP record, you also had the chance of getting real-life exercise! Due to the fact of working out for a bit and making an attempt to stay fit, you have strengthened your body lengthened your life span! Now you can fit more hours of DDO into your life before you die. It's a win-win situation!

Cheers to PvP and good health!

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How much you wanna bet that Hax was reading this?

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I'm going to try this build later! I look forward to a major self-esteem boost!

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I'm Weak.

Hi blah!

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How much you wanna bet that Hax was reading this?


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How much you wanna bet that Hax was reading this?

LOL !!

Thats all I could think of as well ...... he's not even on my server BUT I "enjoy" his posts.

He should see about getting his own blog here !