View Full Version : 2 Small UI Tweaks for Wizards

10-23-2010, 11:57 AM
So, after resetting my mage to Archmage, and searching AH for scrolls, I had 2 small UI improvements ideas for wizards:

1) Out of necessity, the arcane bolt/blasts allow reflex saving throw but they aren't showing in the icons, nor they are saying which/if metamagics are applied to them, so that info beeing displayed there would be a nice perk.

2) When buying/scrolling for scrolls, one has to consult the spellbook to know if he has the currently selected scroll already. I suggest some sort of feedback saying if the currently selected scroll is already known by wizard.

That's it, hope you guys do it :)

Oh, and btw, kudos on archmage. It seems I'll finnaly be able to do some bashing on raids afterall. :D