View Full Version : Ranged weapon bug/nuisance

10-18-2010, 10:20 PM
I am a repeater pure mechanic (flame on!) and I noticed something somewhat irritating:

Every time I click the mouse to fire, I will occasionally double click (if I let go of the mouse). However, for some reason (and this happens with single-shot ranged weapons as well, not just repeaters), that equates to two shots being fired--even through reloading. I know you're probably thinking "Two clicks? Two shots, moron", but this gets really irritating if you're the clicky type that spams the mouse button during battle, because you will find that even after you stop clicking, the weapon will continue to fire even if you don't want it to. Because you clicked twice or three times, then realized everyone was dead, you will waste three arrows even if you clicked before reload.


I fire my repeater crossbow. I unknowingly triple-click, trying to finish off the last enemy. I only have one bolt left in my clip, so the entire thing reloads and then fires again twice unless I do an action that inhibits firing, such as tumbling. There you go, I wasted two bolts. Not much of a problem, but when you're running low on ammo, every shot counts, and it gets irritating when your character keeps firing after you've let go of the mouse button for the past three seconds.

Or maybe it's just me. =)

10-19-2010, 11:08 AM
Turbine is aware of this and supposedly a fix will be coming soon, not update 7 but perhaps before update 8.