View Full Version : Add confirmation to "Release and Respawn"

10-18-2010, 08:43 AM
Probably been suggested a gajillion times, but it's not on the front page, so...

It's a terrible interface.

The stupid "You're dead. Release naoooo? OKOKOK!" dialog is huge, it pops right in the middle of the screen overlapping the main view of the action as well as your button bars (including the hireling-control bars that you desperately need to get to for recovery actions). And it's got this MASSIVE "OK" button right in the middle that is kind of hard to avoid in the thick of action (which is generally when your dude gets killed). Once you accidentally click it, there's no confirmation, no time lag, no Cancel, no nothing, you're zipped back to your bindpoint in 0.01s.

Either: have a red timer progress bar just like for Recall, allowing you to cancel the release any time (say by clicking anywhere on the screen)
Or: Add a confirmation pop up. Releasing will incur a re-entry penalty. Are you sure? Y/N or something.
Or: At the very least, put the button somewhere less mistake-prone, like the upper right corner or something.

10-18-2010, 08:46 AM
Check in the release notes for U7, there's a change to move the release button to where the recall button is.