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10-17-2010, 01:32 PM
Seriously Mechanics are so underpowered in this game it's not even funny :/

Here's what we get:
1. Higher Trapmaking DC's (useless)
2. Ability to disarm every trap in the game 3 levels early
3. Ability to use Repeaters
4. Ability to get the Iron Defender enhancement chain (which sucks)
5. Ability to Repair Constructs (as if a Radiant Servant with Divine Healing couldn't do better -.-)
6. Ability to add our Int Modifier to damage with crossbows

Seriously, a level 18 wizard/2 rogue can disable every trap in the game just as well as us! For them it's either waste their skill points on pointless **** or pick up disabling. This isn't fair to us, especially considering Mechanics are basically a Trap PrE. I'm not suggesting we nerf disable trap or nerf multiclassing wizards or whatever, I'm suggesting we buff up the mechanic class so it's something worth taking!

Suggestion 1: Further Improve Trapmaking For Mechanics

Right now all mechs get is a greater scavenge rate and higher DC's when we use traps. Let's change that up a little bit:

1. Traps made by mechanics cost 1 level lower worth of materials, weak traps require half as many parts. (so a weak elemental mine would require 5 of the element and 5 mechanical parts. A small elemental mine would require 10 of the element and 10 mechanical parts, a Deadly Elemental Mine would only require an Average Soul Gem)
**This would cut the price of trapmaking by a HUGE margin for mechanics, this way they can make far stronger traps than others without having to pay the wizard**

2. Give Soulgems more uses, any uses, that way more wizards at higher levels farm them and the AH is stocked with larger amounts of them.
**This will lead to a sharp price decline and trapmaking will become more practical.

3. Increase the basic DC of the traps made. Change the DC equation:
Trap DC = 10 + 1/2 Rogue Level + (1/3 Disable Device for Normal Rogue) or (1/2 Disable Device for Rogue Mechanic I) or (2/3 Disable Device for Rogue Mechanic II)
**This will make it more difficult for enemies to resist the effects of the trap and thus increase the amount of damage you can deal with traps.

4. Switch around how the basic DC of magical traps are calculated. Right now they work from scrolls which is practically useless. Here's my idea for the equation:
Magical Trap DC = Scroll DC + 1/3 Use Magic Device (Rogue Mechanic Only)

5. Increase the level of scrolls able to be used in Magical Traps (no damage or death effects though) such as letting us make a Feeblemind trap.

Suggestion 2: Improve the Iron Defender

Right now the Iron Defender chain is useless until you reach Mithral. Nobody re-invites a sorcerer into the group who does nothing but spam Grease, why the heck would we want an Iron Defender doing it?

Here's a few ideas:

1. Change the Iron Defender's Grease spell to "only" affect the enemy, not allies.

2. Give an Iron Defender summoned by a Rogue Mechanic a special bonus, like "Masterwork Creation" which improves health, damage, AC, and gives a 1/- damage reduction. Improving with the level of the mechanic and his/her disable device and repair skills.

Suggestion 3: Improve Wrack Construct

The Wrack Construct ability is almost begging Mechanics to take it, I mean it requires Disable Device II! We need that for Mech I! So we take it...and find out it only works for melee...then we wait 3 days and fix it, "after" paying.

Here're my ideas:

1. Make Wrack Construct work with both melee and ranged weapons so all types of rogue can use it.

2. Make Wrack Construct's effect increase in power when used by a Mechanic (maximum reduction of 75% fortification instead of 30% is a possibility).

10-17-2010, 02:17 PM
agreed on all points

I'd also like to see some trap boxes locations randomised. That would mean people would actually need to stop and think rather then look at 7 lunatics in full plate armor jumping in front of a wall saying "trp here". GRRRR.

10-17-2010, 02:56 PM
agreed on all points

I'd also like to see some trap boxes locations randomised. That would mean people would actually need to stop and think rather then look at 7 lunatics in full plate armor jumping in front of a wall saying "trp here". GRRRR.

My suggestion's just to give the mech's some love :P

that'd be a suggestion to improve the game...which they also need to do >>

10-17-2010, 02:58 PM
I'd like to see the constructs have a threat/hate generation boost. What's the use having them if the critters ignore them and come for you.

10-17-2010, 03:05 PM

I do love my Mithril Defender a lot, but before I summon her in a party, I always ask in party chat if anyone would mind. If anyone objects, she doesn't get to come out and play. Her firebreathing attack is nice, and I wish that she always did that instead of alternating with a grease spit.

10-17-2010, 06:11 PM
I have dropped groups where the defenders are used because grease is that annoying.