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10-15-2010, 09:09 AM
So, it's been a while and I thought I would post this again.

The character appearance in DDO is one of (if not THE) worse in any MMO. We have TWO appearance slots... helm / armor. That gives VERY little variety.

While the armor is somewhat different, it's still sadly lacking and in most cases, shows a lack of designer and/or developer understanding of what classes wear.

For instance, after level 10, most rogues and others with high DEX are wearing robes/outfits... yet... there is no a single outfit designed to appeal to either a ranger's outdoor look, or a sneaky rogue's look... or even a flamboyant acrobat look.

Instead, what we have is a bunch of yellow pencil carbon copies running around with the same armor over level 16 - Dragon Touched (or Icy Vestments).

Come on... you need to step up your game.

Here are some suggestions.

1) Cloaks - This is LONG, LONG overdue. Cloaks are a staple of RPGs since the time of Tolkein. We have an inventory slot for cloaks, so making visual cloaks would be great. Allowing customization options such as guild insignias would be great too! EQ2 does this and it's a really nice feature. You should be able to toggle guild insignia on/off.

2) Inventory display - Adding visual gloves and boots would be a first step, but eventually it would be nice to see belt and bracers too. In this way, a rogue with Tharnes bracers and Spectral Gloves bracers would look different than a monk wearing Bracers of Armor and Str gloves. Eventually, I'm sure you'll want to add goggles/glasses too... with a visible toggle.

3) Armor customization - let's face it... there is certain high end armor that most people will lean towards - mostly Dragontouched. Seeing 10 out of 12 people in a raid in Dragontouched is just pitiful. Give us the ability to customize armor or... on craftable armor, give it different appearances.

Here are some ideas:
* For Dragontouched - adding different runes changes the appearance. Allow each type of rune to influence the appearance of a certain part of the armor. For instance, the sovereign rune could change the primary color. The tempest rune would change the sleeve or pants color and the eldritch rune could change the trim or boots color. In this way, different armor abilities give people a different look.

Alternately, have craftable armor at every level range that allows you to customize the appearance some what.

* Armor look - You've already proven you can change appearance with the helm slot. Now apply the same thing (permanently) to armor. Allow us to take the appearance of one armor and override it onto another armor. For instance, if I have a suit of black dragon armor, I would be able to use a special altar to put the appearance of the black dragon armor on my icy raiments. This might need to be limited by armor type - ie. either the armor can only get the appearance of the same type (robe appearance to robe appearance, light armor to light armor, etc.) but giving some flexibility would be nice so that you can add the appearance of armor one category either way.... robes could look like light armor but not medium or heavy armor and heavy armor could look like medium armor, but not light or robes.

* Armor appearance/class options - failing the above idea, at least give us some puchasable options to change the armor appearance. Much like the top hat, pirate hat, etc., allow us to use a clickie to temporary change our outfit look.

Make the outfits based on prestige class, with some variance plus sterotypes for different classes. Here are some examples:

Wizard - Red flame robes (like Pheonix Robe), Bluish Ice robes, Black and Yellow electric robes, etc. for the different elements. Plus, archmage looking robes, black ragged palemaster robes, etc.

Rogue - Dark Assassin outfit, Flamboyant Acrobat Outfit, Mechanic outfit, Swashbuckler outfit, Thug outfit, etc.

Ranger - woodsman look (green/browns), tempest look, etc.

Other ideas are gladiator look, valkrye look, chain mail bikini look (as long as I'm wishing), northman/viking look, kilted Celt look, etc plus armor with themes as well ... dragon theme armor, gryphon theme armor, medusa theme, demon theme, angel theme, etc. Use your imagination - or hire me, I'll gladly do contract work. =)

Obviously... there are many, many possibilities and there's nothing to prevent a rogue from wearing a tempest outfit, for instance if they like that look better.

4) Appearance tab - like EQ2, adopt an appearance tab that allows us to equip a second set of armor/helm/weapons that acts as our "appearance" without having any other effect. In this way, we can at least use the existing armor to change our appearance without alot of reprogramming or new art.

5) Customization of character - having some other character customization options would be nice too... celtic facepaint, tribal tattoos, etc. would be nice.

I really love DDO, but after a while it all looks the same.... especially the characters. By adding some of the options above, I think you can breath some new life into an otherwise BLAND appearance system.


PS - I'm not joking about the job. I'm willing to act as a consultant if you need help figuring ways to improve the neglected character appearance.