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10-14-2010, 05:13 PM
I would like a way to determine who you have run with, when and in what order that day with player names and various lists built into it into that (friend list, squelsh list, last online at___, guild list, notes, etc). Of course, the easy way to do this would be fixing MyDDo and adding it there, but even if MyDDo is completely removed this could still work if an option is put somewhere on our character sheets or friend list.


It would be a great reference tool built into the game. My notes, lists and such that I make by hand are tedious to go through and even with them I occasionally forget a friend, forget an enemy or forget that I JUST ran that quest yesterday and I got everything I needed from it.

Being able to put a note next to a quest entry on a certain date that says "Got my special Loot. Great guys this run; must bring them with on guild runs sometimes." would be amazing. As would "Horrible run. Guys demanded my loot because they 'deserved it more'. Dont bring on guild runs or I will be embarrassed by them. The pally was nice though."

If it can be exported, it would simply be fantastic, even if the information much be under a certain number of keystrokes (20, perhaps, to keep things small.) A monthly purge of the online version of the list would keep the clutter down to a minimum.