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10-13-2010, 07:43 PM
Okay, so currently when you're running an epic raid such as VoN, or DQ there is almost no reason whatsoever to run the pre (VoN5, ADQ) on epic, and there's a few quests where on Epic you're better of 'Ninjaing' your way past most of what's there. To me at least, this feels kind of cheese ball, but it's what the group ends up doing so save resources, because there's no reason to take a risk without a reward. I'd like to see more Epic VoN5's and ADQ's, and to this end I have a couple of suggestions.

1)Epic Crafting: What if epic crafting allowed for altering random loot items, such as a standard +X Prefix Weapon of Suffix. It would work in kind of the same way as current crafting, but you could use any combination of scroll, shard, and seal (Say scroll of Stonemeld Plat, Shard of Blademark's Docent, and Seal of Hammer of Life). This would allows for some of the basically useless scrolls/shards/seals to have some value.
Now it would have to be weapons that were bound and attuned, and when an item goes epic, any of it's existing stats get bumped up to epic. It's always the same upgrade, so if you upgrade a Flaming/Flaming burst weapon it will always create the same epic effect. Weapons and Armor go to the standard +6 for epic, and stat items and the like always hit the same number (+7 for arguments sake). This way anyone can craft epic gear for their characters, but it still leaves only the truly dedicated (or extremely luck) players with the truly powerful epic gear.

2)Create an Epic Loot table that drops random level 20 Epic Gear, much like the Red Helm, just toned down a little, from any chest in an epic quest. Make the chance for an epic drop something like 5-6% from any chest, more like 20-25% from the epic end chest. This would encourage people to attempt optional areas, and actually play all of an epic quest, for the opportunity to loot something that might actually be useful, or at least fairly expensive at the Vendor.

3)Since tokens no longer drop, and now we have epic token fragments, why not allow them to drop from all epic chest. Not a lot by any means, but with the frequency of Khyber/Syb shard fragments, and 1d4+1 per drop. This accomplishes the same thing as idea 2, because it gives people a reason to go after optional areas.

That's pretty much it, and while I know none of it will probably ever happen, and some of it may be way over powered in some aspects, it was just some ideas that have been running around in my head for the last day or 2.

10-13-2010, 07:48 PM
I don't see how those suggestions would encourage people to run von5 or adq1 on epic more though. Currently people farm the optional chests in adq1 ("ninjaing" as you put it) for seals. If your suggestions were implemented it would be more incentive to simply farm the chests rather than complete.

10-13-2010, 08:20 PM
I agree with some of those points, especially on the optional chests.

I did Party Crashers last night (first time on epic) and we did all the optionals. The main reason was to make the end fight a non fight. That is a good mechanic and it rewards you for making the effort and taking the time.
What annoys me a lot though, is despite 6 or so extra chests, none of them drop seals.

This is a major annoyance with the Carnival epics for me, but with a smaller loot table and more chests, I guess that is why.

Though, there is already incentive to kill most trash and not zerg past invis. That is scrolls. We got 5 scrolls from said Party Crashers run last night. First scroll was Antique Greataxe and it dropped from the very first mob at the entrance :)