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10-11-2010, 10:00 AM
A short wishlist.

I'd like something in the UI that shows, for a given spell:

1) - Effective caster level: What your effective caster level for that spell is (for example, a Sor20 with the epic Sentinels wand would have an effective caster level of 21 for Polar Ray and 15 for Cone of Cold, as CoC is capped at 15)
2) - Damage enhancements: What your enhancement bonus to damage is (for the same Sorc, possibly x2.6 if they have the capstone for 20%, Fire/Ice 4 for 40% and an active Eardweller charge for 100%)
3) - Metamagic effects: What your metamagic bonus to damage is (probably x2.5 in this case), plus all 'utility' metamagics (Quicken, Extend, Eschew, etc) that may be active
4) - Crit chance: What your chance to score a crit with the spell is
5) - Crit intensity: What factor the damage will be multiplied by if the spell scores a critical (probably x2.75 for the Sorc in question - base x1.5, + 0.5 from items and +0.75 from Lineage of Deadly Elements 3)
6) - Damage ranges: Minimum possible, maximum possible and average damage figures for non-crit and crit casts of the spell
7) - Saves: Save DC for the spell (if appropriate) and what type of save(s) are needed
8) - Spell Penetration Your bonus to Spell Penetration with this spell (for this Sorc in question, possibly 23 - 20 from levels, 3 from an item, and no feats or enhancements) - of course this isn't relevant for many spells.

This would bring spellcasting into line with melee (and its bastard stepchild ranged combat) where all of the relevant stats are easily available by looking at the very bottom of your inventory window. It would be particularly useful as there's less transparency around spell damage mechanics (there's loaded dice used, and very few people know how metamagics, spell damage enhancements and spell damage increasing items all stack together).

Perhaps this could show up when you mouseover a spell on your hotbars, maybe it only shows up in the spellbook, but I'd like to see it *somewhere*.

10-11-2010, 10:29 AM
Yes please, and more transparency in general. Why are there so many ambiguous, or even false, descriptions?

Maybe there could be another combat log-like chat channel that displays combat calculations in more detail. Dunno if it's unfeasible due to it maybe causing increased sever load.

10-11-2010, 10:33 AM

I would want it in the spellbook though, if it was in the hotbar the description could take up a lot of space, and also most of the details of the spell are mostly found in the spellbook.