View Full Version : A new kind of reincarnation.

10-10-2010, 02:29 AM
I'm not very creative with names so something that sounds better than Lesser True Reincarnation.

I can agree with the point that being able to change race or complete class makeup at the drop of a hat probably isn't a good idea. However spending 3.1 to 4.3 mil xp just to change those things without really caring about past lives or completionist can be frustrating. So how about a compromise.

Lesser True Reincarnation
-Lose all xp
-Gain no additional extra build points or past lives
-Can change race
-Only takes 1.9 mil xp to hit level 20.*
-Don't have to be level 20 since it doesn't add past lives.

*Might even be fair to reduce the xp to even less than normal levels since its basically just a reroll. If not maybe letting you use veteran rewards or something would be cool. If none of those things then its still fine.