View Full Version : Fashion Contest:Most Badass Half-Orc (Post your Pic!)

10-06-2010, 10:08 PM
[Contest - Most Badass Half-Orc]

Entry- Just post a pic of you in the most awesome pose you can find with the coolest armor/weaponry/outfit and with the most coolest facial/coloration for your halforc. (Head shot would be great!)

Rewards - Khyber/Ghallanda - Giving out +1 or possibly +2 random Tomes (yay I'm cheap!)

Rules - A badass score of 1-10 will be given to each of the entrants (anybody posting a pic of their lamland halforc essentially). 1 is a pretty lame halforc (probably a dwarf wannabe in disguise), a 5 is a reasonable average halforc, a 7 is a pretty awesome looking halforc (with the glowy red eyes and cool armor), a 10 is just insane looking...probably a GM entrant. (please no decimals). Anyone is able to vote (except the poster of course on his own entry) on the entries. Please, click the reply button on the entry you want to vote on then type in your score (with some commentary if you want).