View Full Version : Revelation Fighters what were about

10-06-2010, 05:54 PM
We are all about having fun and questing.

We are helpful to guildies and non guildies alike.

We avoid the rage drops and all other behaviors that are frowned upon.

If party wipe does happen (which guarantee'd everyone will experience one) we get back on the horse and persevere.

We are on at 2 am gmt 12am pst 4am est consistently.

We are a group and individuals

We dont always quest with each other sometimes we do our own thing no requirements there

We are helpful for quest items ie "hey you need waterbreathing for quest ok here share mine"

Why am I posting this... thought you would never ask.

Well Revelation Fighters has been around for 3 months now we finally achieved our airship.

That being said I am looking for potential guildies this Saturday I will have a recruitment party just testing you out

This test there are no failures I just want to help you with some quests if you decide to join my lfm.

Instead of me telling you hey your in I want to reverse the role I want people who want to be in and say "hey this guild is for me"

If not that is also fine I will most likely add you to my friends list to quest with.

I am a very fun leader also mature and as long as you dont go lose your mind and start acting a fool or be disrespectful I respect you and give you this opportunity

Everyone in our guild has been there since lev 10 we are out to prove there is more to a guild than an airship although it does make a nice perk and being that we finally achieved it I would like to extend an invitation for more members.

I look forward to making friends with this is Quazicotl lev 13 rogue Revelation Fighters leader.