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10-04-2010, 04:24 PM
Basically took a list of things I'd love (as in LOVE) to see in DDO. Not all of them are original (those that aren't I provided a link to the original version, since sometimes I like to add in my own twist to make things original :3 no offense to the people who suggested them first of course) but it's a list of everything I think the dev's should be working on implementing, preferably instead of all these cheap novelties they're adding to the cash shop that nobody's gonna buy >>.

The List
(now without l33t speech...oh ****!)


We need the gnome race to complete our base set! Here's a list of what they should get (pulled from Core Rulebook 3.5, yes I own it don't rub it in!):

-2 Strength penalty
+2 Constitution bonus
Small Stature Feat (same as halfling)
+2 Racial bonus on saves against illusions
Goblinoid Hatred Feat (+1 bonus to attack rolls against kobolds and goblinoids)
+4 Dodge bonus against Giants
+2 Racial bonus to Listen Checks
Favored School: Illusion (+1 DC to all illusion spells, stacks with spell focus and greater spell focus)

I added in some stuff :D

Epic Levels

We're getting a lot of TRing going on, I see lots of them in towns, dungeons, etc. How about raising the level cap another shot? Make a lot more content for level 15-20 that isn't "just" Adventure Pack, then raise the level cap up to 40 or so. With that you unlock a whole new dimension to DDO both player side and money side (more free content duh, but more packs as well). That's 20 more levels for players to build for, so more multiclassing oppurtunities, the possibilities of advanced classes, etc.


Epic Classes

We'll soon be getting all the base classes if Turbine doesn't magically decide to extend the deadline to U245 for druids, so how about getting up some more classes? But not the usual type of class, classes that require special prerequisites: Past Lifes!

So the Shadowdancer would require a Past Life: Rogue, Blackguard would need Past Life: Fighter or Past Life: Cleric, and so and and so forth (past lives similar to the class in question).

Adds a dose of excitement for TR's, they get to play some new classes when they finish up that rogue.


More Free Content?

Mostly at the higher levels, maybe buff up our total number of free quests by 4 or 5 + a raid. I'm definately not asking for 3 Free Adventure Packs xD but a little extra for F2P players to do at the higher levels would be nice, and I think the premium and VIPs would enjoy it as well (wait, I am premium).

Practiced Spellcaster

We NEED that feat o-o getting a +4 bonus to caster level for spell checks would be awesome :D.


A Spell Component Bag

We have one for ingrediants, gems, and collectibles, why not spell components?

Sparring Ring on the Guild Airship

Not a PvP tool btw, just make it possible for guildmates to spar on the airship to check DPS under certain conditions or test out how damaging certain metamagic feats will be in actual combat. Though this could be replaced with walking into a low-traffic instance of the wayward lobster so I guess low priority here xD
*can you hear the sarcasm?*

Random Events

Well I made the following thread which has them...sooo that says it all :D and I got lazy this far in :x


anything I missed? I'd be happy to add to the list, just make sure you quote your source if you got it from somebody else! Or I'll poke you >:C

10-22-2010, 01:18 PM
The next thing I would love to see is the disarm grapple skills. They have trip and sunder but the game would expand so much from the hack and slash with more combat options. I would love to grab a little wizard and knock his block off before he can sleet storm my party, or knock a drow's sword out of his hand before he can take it to my cleric's head. Implementing these things would take quite a bit of mechanical work but some of the animations are already there.

For example, the grapple could use the entangled condition on the one being grappled since they already have animations for that. For disarm, the enemy could simply have to resort to unarmed attacks or pause for a few seconds before he gets his weapon back.

It's also true that it could lead to some very daring acts. Perhaps I'll grapple a minotaur and take some hits so that my hurting party can escape, or get thrown across a clearing by a giant so my group can have time to heal up. It would blow the game mechanics and feel of combat wide open. I grant it would be tough for the devs, but it'd be totally worth it.

How about charging and bull rush too. That one would be easier to do since we already have the animations for people getting knocked down, and if you can sprint, charging should be easy, just tack on some extra damage for the attack at the end.

Some of the other things I'd like to see are reach weapons like spears, tridents, scythes, ect. As well as entangling weapons such as nets or bolas.

It would be cool if armor look were customizable.

Potion bags and wand/scroll cases would be cool for conserving extra space so that carrying an array of potions or scrolls around is more feasible.

As for classes, I'd love to see the dragon shaman. They rule.

Drow need to be updated. Their base SR should be 11+ character level. If they want more, leave the enhancements as an optional boost.

I'd also like to see a prestige class for arcane casters besides necromancer. Something like elemental savant for those who want to focus on a specific element, or Master conjurer who could summon more than one creature at a time that are stronger than usual, if for a shorter time, or cast smaller creatures in little swarms. It’d also be nice to have some new metamagic options like freezing spell, explosive spell, energy substitution, energy admixture, metamagic reductions, etc.

A crawl skill would be nice that increases in speed with ranks. Why should I have to try and run past a head chopping trap after all? And having to crawl occasionally would also allow greater flexibility in making quests. An escape artist skill as well for escaping entanglement like webs or grapples as above would be cool too.

I think it'd be cool to have different bard instruments that can be used in the trinket slot or in an extra, special slot for bards. Instruments could have different effects such as increasing buff duration, making songs faster to finish, increasing song DC to resist, increasing buff effects, etc. It'd make them much more flexible and fun to play. Some special instruments could also grant things like the ability to affect undead, constructs, or mindless creatures like oozes with songs, allowing songs to be combined, and other fun effects.

I also think that monk combos need to be easier to use. This could be done by reducing the cool down time of individual monk moves as well as making the next strike after the 3rd strike of the combo (the one that gets it ready) an automatic finisher. Some people may not like the automatic style and may like to hold the finisher so it could be an active option clickie like slow fall.

Finally, please make named items more special. What’s the point of a named item that is simply +1, or +2 flaming burst? The whole point of naming an item is giving it abilities that wouldn’t fit well into a regular item description. A good example of this is the Hammer of the Leaden clouds. A bad example is Kelmar’s Justice, which is actually just a +3 war hammer.