View Full Version : 'House of the Tainted Moon' is recruiting - Solo player guild

10-04-2010, 05:38 AM
• Are you a Solo player who may need a little help getting through the WIS rune in the waterworks?
• Are you tired of getting the unsolicited ‘I notice you’re not in a guild… please join mine’ over and over again?
• Or do you just think that having the words ‘House of the Tainted Moon’ below you character name gives it a little more class? :S

If the answer to any of these questions is yes why not join ‘House of the Tainted Moon’? We’re a new guild, we're a small guild and we're not very sociable (heck I haven’t talked to anyone in weeks)

I set the guild up mostly because I’m a solo player who was tired of being asked to join other people’s guilds, and now I want to share that vision with the world!! (I also want an airship)

The one guild rule is that we have no rules ( we also have no entry in My.DDO but looking at the forums updates seem to be a bit erratic)

If you’re interested in joining just send CryptSpider a tell while I’m online (mostly evenings) or mail me ingame (yes, we’ve reached lvl 5)