View Full Version : The Game is now looking for new members

10-02-2010, 04:22 AM
Hey there! Just a humble little small guild looking to add a few new members. We are a not a no-nonsense guild and in a way we are proud of that, just like how we are proud of not being a gigantic mob guild. Anyways we are looking for new people to play with, to quest with, to suffer through grinding with and to possibly run raids once we have enough.

The truth is we are really open to all kinds. Casual players, hardcore class builders, gimps and the like. If you want to join a guild that doesnt require you to be "of this level" or "play this way" or only "make the most pro character ever" then this could be a guild for you. We just want some fun people who are looking to liven up their DDO experience with people who are a bit more than just another player.

So go on and check our site and register up there if you want or find Xyora or Gustter in Orien!