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10-01-2010, 01:05 PM
Located on the Orien server, House Do'Urden(Guild level 37) is a semi-casual, low drama guild and mostly p2p/vip.

We look to expand into raiding and epic content but without the powergamer loot rules and remaining semi-casual.

Many members are very knowledgeable and helpfull including several multi True Reincarnation players.

Currently we are only raiding the Shroud 2 times per week, as membership increases we look to add 1 or 2 other raid days and/or possibly making sundays nothing but back to back raids in the late afternoon to evening.

We dont mind teaching if you are willing to learn, use voice chat, listen well and are a reasonably mature player.

If this is what your looking for, please go to the recruitment forum and..
1) post an application
2) try to contact an officer in-game(officer list on the left side of the screen on this page)