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10-01-2010, 05:46 AM
The problem with AC tanks is that they are relativly expensive to build, and their AC don' make them sometimes too much help versus some mobs.

Baisic concept: adding additional percent base miss chance to enemies physical attack if characteri is wearing shields.
Base change for character with shields, and no special training: Nothing...

Shield mastery: when you block you gain chance to block 100% of enemy damage equal 5% if you use smal shield, 10% if you use heavy shields, and 15% if you use tower shield. You cannot block sneak attacks and attacks from flank.
Improved Shield mastery: You preserve base block bonusses even when you don't block attacks. You gain Reflex save when blocking with shields +1 Small, +2 Large, +4 Tower.
Why reflex save - reflex saves is usually save against AoE Effect. Shield is kind of Wall (sometimes towershield is reffered as moving wall). If someone trow fireball for you and you block it with your shield, at least some of fire gets absorbed by it. Of course Tower shield is much more usefull for this purpos than small one.

Pre. Enchantments (Stellwart and DoC):
I - When in defensive stance you gain bonus 5% to block enemy attack, and additional 5% chance when you are blocking.
II - When in defensive stance you gain bonus 5% to block enemy attack, and additional 5% chance when you are blocking.
III - You gain 5% chance to block enemy attack. While in defensive stance you preserve your block bonus even against flanking enemies, and sneak attacks. While in deffensive stance you gain bonus from Improved shield mastery even while not blocking.

What that mean:
That mean tier III (with both feats) shield soldier will have:
5% - block always (naked)
15% - block with "stationar DPS" mode (THW/TWF + deffensive stance)
20% - block when useing tower shield
30% - block when useing tower shield in defensive stance
40% - in full guard mode (shield block)
additional +4 refex save (+7 if we count competence bonuss) while in defence stance.

Bonus should stack with displacement and incoproreal bonuses.
Maybe some shields should offer additional +5% or +10% to block.

That mean endgame Shield tank will be rather hard cookie to chew. especially full buffed.

10-01-2010, 06:52 AM
i think it would be too much for them. and no reflex save bonus at all. i had a different idea that affects more builds and makes tanks more useful in end game content. check it here http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=277247