View Full Version : Revelation Fighters still recruiting still small

09-29-2010, 11:28 AM
Hi this is Quazicotl with the Revelation Fighters we are still recruiting as always the thing is, is that I am running into a recruiting wall of not being able to find players to join use we are a small lev 19 guild soon to be 20 with our airship coming. We have 8 members to date have lost a few due to them leaving or 4 weeks inactivity.

I mean if you just log your char once in 4 weeks I wont kick you however it doesnt look good and is not fair to other casual guildies who play there part. That being said our guild has been around for 2 months. We mid to low level we are friendly ie help out with materials quest ect.

There are 5 active players and 3 casuals We mostly play at 2am-10am on tues then 2am-430am mountain time on wed through sat. If you are interested please send me a tell in game, reply to post then I will msg you for your char name or you can just include it in post.

Or pm me on here will respond fairly fast usually 1-2 hours.

I really look forward to questing with you I have many friends on orien that arent in my guild so if you just want to be a friend thats cool too its all about the game quality and the quest funs <----typo intended....

Quazicotl lev 13 rogue
Leader Revelation Fighters