View Full Version : Group/Raid Deputy Leader

09-28-2010, 06:14 AM
I thnk DDO would benefit from a 2nd-in-command or deputy system for groups.

As it stands right now, all the responsibility is on the leader, not only does he have to do all the recruitment, but he can't even go AFK or the group stagnates while he is gone. If he DCs the game assigns the star to someone else, but often the person doesn't realise, doesn't want the responsibility, or is afk themselves!

You end up with situations where the leader has to assign the leader position to someone else (which causes any LFM to drop) while he goes to take out the trash / put the baby to bed / shoot the neighbours, and then has to be given back (boom, LFM gone again) when he gets back.

So, how about the ability to set a 2nd in command - it would work like this:

Leader can:
Assign 2nd in command
Invite to group
Kick anyone
Create LFM
Process LFM join requests

2nd in command can:
Invite to group
Kick anyone except Leader
Process LFM join requests

If the Leader DCs, then the Leader and 2nd in Command positions swap.

You could indicate these positions in the party panel with a gold star (for leader) and silver star (for deputy)