View Full Version : All Players Welcome Into the Defenders Family Of Guilds

09-24-2010, 04:51 PM

Defenders and Defenders Initiate are a large and active guild alliance with 2 deluxe guild airships, plenty of players, tons of gear and plat, many raids and quests, and additional options like vent, message boards, a universal calendar system, and much, much more.

Defenders Initiate is designed for players level 1-10 who are new to the game or are interested in a truly casual playing experience. In this guild, you will be able to quest with other low level players, obtain gear and loot that you need, and grow as a player in the realm of ddo.

Defenders main guild is designed for players level 10 and higher who want to advance in the game, craft greensteel weapons and gear, farm for major rewards, and help new players in their journey. This is an exclusive guild, that is only going to offer open recruiting for a very limited time.

These two guilds share an interguild user chat system and have players of all levels on a diverse and social playing field that is active 24 hours a day.

There are regular guild meetings, and everyone in the guild has a stake in the success of the entire group. Our guild is highly organized and offers many features such as lotto, hide and seek, and scavenger hunts both within the guild and publicly.

We are part of the Deneith Alliance guilds, and are the founding group of this vast alliance. Our total net worth in game platinum is well over 1 billion, and we are willing to welcome anyone!

Unlike other guilds that are at the top of the renown lists, our guild will not require a level of renown generation from you. Additionally, you will never be kicked until you have been inactive for over a month, instead of a few days. Our guild is designed to be here for you all of the time, not use you for renown and spit you out.

Though we have maintained a top 5 guild renown rank on the server, it is truly not our priority. We focus on the individuals behind our guildie's toons, and work to develop a deep friendship. Though we are a large guild, we have both rotating and static quest groups.

To join Defenders initiate, contact Karavicia, Potency, Kaiyaa, Herstark, or any officer in the Defenders Initiate guild.

To join Defenders, contact Kusto, Vianessa, Lyreaneia, Mutiny, Marb, Spidercan, or any officer in the Defenders guild. There is an officer online 24 hours a day, every day.

We hope to see you join our family soon! Rarely do we openly recruit, and of course new recruits are on a probationary period until we make sure that our guild is the right fit for you :)