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09-21-2010, 10:58 PM
A new guild, "Orien Knights" has begun bringing permadeath back to the game. :) I, personally, don't see much permadeath around, so I decided to start a permadeath guild. A few friends joined and we have already started new characters. We are looking for intelligent, mature, active and experienced players for the challenging but extremely fun permadeath gameplay.
Rules for the guild:

Joining the guild:
1.) Contact me in-game or leave a reply in the thread.
The reply must contain name of main character and what times you will be expecting to play.

2.) Be prepared to make new level 1 characters. (Have slots available) Rerolling will be necessary sooner or later.

Character Death and Ressurrection:
1.) NO RESURRECTION SHRINES! Defeats the purpose of permadeath gameplay.

2.) The only resurrection methods that are viable are cleric/FvS spells. Raise dead, etc.

3.) Consumable raises are acceptable. Any level may use them if you have them available.

4.) To be able to use the Raise Dead spell, you must be carrying the target's soul stone, but the Resurrection spell does not require the soul stone to be near the caster. It creates a PnP style difference between the 2 spells.

5.) In the event that your character is legally raised back to life, you must leave the quest IMMEDIATELY. You may not re-enter that quest until your group continues on to another quest. If your character is raised, make a note of how many times on your in-game biography page.

6.) Lag deaths and city deaths do count! Unless someone in your group has the raise dead ability, you may not revive, that character must be deleted or removed from the guild. You may not invite other people to raise you from the dead. PvP deaths do not count.

7.) Be truthful when you die! If you die if you try to solo, it counts and you must reroll.

Items and Equipment:
1.) Auction House is not permitted, only gear attainable by the character is gear that you loot or another guild member gifts to you.

2.) Do NOT accept gifts from characters outside of the guild. No trading items between your own character in the guild, besides consumables.

3.) Wands, and scrolls may not be bought from vendors. They must be found or traded/gifted by another guild member.

1.) Try to use respectable manners and language when in party or guild chat.

2.) No spoilers! You should not warn of any special encounters or traps in a quest if your character shouldn't know about it. Characters may scout ahead or if they spot traps may warn the group. But no spoilers ahead of time. You may not ask questions like: "What is behind the door?" And you may not ask what type of resists to hand out if you don't already know.

3.) Do not farm the same quest over and over. You must do different quests everytime.

4.) No Pick up groups, group only with guild members. Do not brign in any outsiders to the group.

5.) No power leveling. If you are getting an xp hit, and there is someone more than 3 levels above you, it is power leveling.

6.) Absolutely no "Loot runs" You may not run the same quest on normal/casual over and over again to get the loot. You may run normal only if the quest is higher level than your group's average level.

Special rules:
Be sure to wait for the group and take it slow through quests. Zerging is not an option, permadeath players are usually cautious and won't look very kindly on zerging.

Wait until the entire party is in the quest before beginning! This is the polite way to quest, but will also help keep deaths from occuring.

Try to group with newer members and help them alogn and show them the ropes. :) Be nice and always answer any questions they may have if possible.

Help others out if needed, if they are low on health and need a pot real quick and healer is out of mana, give them a health pot if it is available.

Use a common name across your characters, so other members cna get to know you easier. :)

That's it! Have fun, and send a tell to Carnabear in game for an invite. :)