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Hey everyone=). I have a serious question=). My name is scribblez Babyfood and im a lvl 8 fighter and lvl 2 rouge. I'm trying to become as close as invincible as the game will allow (At AC at least). At lvl 8 fighter and lvl 2 rouge lvl 20 monks i fought so far hit me for 0 damage with my defensive stance, and since i got my mantle of the worldshaper i barely get pwn'd like i used to by casters (except lvl 20's meanies=)). I have alot of trouble no matter the lvl of blocking green steel weapon attacks. They just go through my ac like butter even with my stance and armor class bonus on. So i guess what im asking is how do i become immune or lessen the damage of green steel attacks? Also any other information on increasing my AC is much appreciated. Currently with my stance and armor class bonus my AC stands at 60. Thnx for your time. Byez ;)

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I want to see what she looks like with that L2 rouge on. :rolleyes:

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greensteel to hit is +5... there really isn't much else to it as far as to hit goes, most of the bells and whistles are for damage and dr by-pass

ac is most benefitted by raid gear, most of which is probably easy to find via a forom or compendium search

and lastly pvp is not always the best guage as it is quite a bit different from the real game

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I wonder if she looks like this:


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Are you a troll?

Am I feeding you by replying to this thread?

Will I get banned for this?