View Full Version : custom guild chest permission.

09-19-2010, 04:43 AM
you should be able to see what items everyone puts in and what items they take out of guild chest. you should also be able to block people from the use of it if you are guild leader.

i recently had 2 guys that were friends join my guild. since i know everyone in my guild i thought it was funny that the high end items started disappearing. i figure maybe someone needed the said items so i decided to set a test or trap if you will...

so.. i added 12small ebberron fragments to the chest. when i came back on i see that the new guy was just on so i checked the chest and what do you know? yup..

i noticed my friend dave was on and asked him about it. he told me he was on the ship, seen the guy log on, open the chest then log off right after.

i feel bad for the bigger guilds out there. what is a really good thing in the game turned into something people are taking advantage of.

my problem has been fixxed since i know everyone, i booted the 2 guys(that joined together) that was the problem..

please do something about this. if people can abuse a system, they will.