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08-28-2010, 09:45 PM
Note: For now this is on hold, Im currently trying out a new guild.

Hello, I'm new to the game, started a month ago, and I'm looking for a guild.
Just a few points on me.

-I have A LOT of other MMORPG experience, so I know how to act.
-I have VIP, so any guild with a good number of p2p players would be amazing, but it's just a plus.
-I currently have 3 toons I'm switching back and forth between, being new idk what I want at lvl 20 first =P.
1. Obsidiann - Lvl 7 WF FvS that heals/melees, very good at what he does.
2. Albiino - Lvl 7 WF WC, going 16/2/2 Bard/Fighter/Barb.
3. Rodey - Lvl 4 WF Wizzy/Rogue, going 18/2.
4. Whiteyy - Lvl 9 Tempest 18/2 Ranger/Fighter who has lost his lust, but I may get on him sometime.
-Im really just looking for any guild that is active, and wouldn't mind helping me learn this game a bit.
-Even though I'm new, you wont need to "baby sit" me, if we are running something I generally catch on quickly.

Just a little bit of background on me, if you may want me in your guild you can message me on here or try to find me on one of the toons I listed.

08-29-2010, 10:20 AM
I hope that whatever guild you are trying right now will work out for you :)

But in case you are still looking for I think you will like our guild

To learn more here is our website: www.mythadventurers.webs.com

Our Guild has 70+ 'toons with like 10-15 core players that have both high lvl toons and low lvl toons. Very friendly and very silly (personal opinion). If to describe us - we a social type of guild that talks a lot in the guild chat as well as runs a lot with guildies. We are newbie friendly and do not mind answering questions because that is how we learn better the game ourselves.

If you are interested just send me (Simralin, GrayMouse, RedSonjjia - whoever is online ) a tell or send a tell to any of our officers (see the list in the website). In our guild we more concerned with what kind of players we get (the main requirement - be a nice person), and not how many players we have, so usually we run a quest and having an interview before we invite a player to the guild. Plus quest run before invitation helps to get to know each other as well as gives you time to make a decision if you want to be a part of our guild or not.

Regardless if you will join our guild or not, I hope to see you in the game on day :) and have a great day!

P.S. Sorry for grammar - English is not my native language