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08-27-2010, 03:38 PM
I should first state that this is intended in fun and not meant offensively. Second, I am not a visual artist; I am a musician who occasionally picks up a pencil to make bad sketches that amuse me and hopefully others.

So, have you seen...



I am very happy to have self-sufficient people, especially Warforged who could potentially drain my SP very quickly. However, being a healer class, I cannot help but want to toss a Heal immediately after a Raise Dead or simply go ahead with a Heal if someone is at what looks like 1/8 of their HP bar. I got rather worried after I got scolded multiple times by -two- people for healing, but I realized the humour afterwards.

I like the zerougbarian. Having one of those usually means there is someone solid at the front, but it can get problematic if she/he moves too fast for everyone else.

As for impractical hair… well, how does he play perfectly when his hair touches the lute strings? At the least, the hair would create a slight buzzing sound against the vibrating strings. At the most, it would change the tones. (I know that hair usually ends up behind the lute in-game, but I happened to see it in front of the lute once, which led to this.)

Last Note: Thank you to a particular bard, a particular warforged, and a particular talkative zerougbarian. And thank you to all the warforged on Sarlona and Thelanis who went AFK in Meridia so that I could run around them in circles to examine their models/outfits and try to see how many fingers warforged have (I think it is three).