View Full Version : Known hireling problems and a suggestion

08-18-2010, 08:29 AM
Man where should i start with the problems??

1. Some of the sorc/wizard hirelings castings of mage armor and other buffs dont work some of the time
2. Hirelings dismiss themselves when they get stuck on by a ladder, or behind a group of monsters, or just at random.
3. they will dismiss themselves after you get a certain distance away from them even if they not stuck. like if your faster then they are at running.
4. When you want them to switch a target, they will go to the original target first, then go back to the target you told them to attack.
5. healer hirelings when set to find targets and attack them wont usually attack and will just stand around.
6. When at certain rest shrines they sometimes take many clicks of use... few feet away and have to click a hireling every step he takes or he wont revive or heal himself. and i mean 5-10-20 clicks :( they do this dead or alive.
7. Some fighter hirelings ignore commands when their fighting if you want them to come to you
8. Even if the trap doesn't do much damage, if a hireling gets hit he will stand in the trap instead of walking to you. if it hits many times depending on trap speed, he will sometimes stand in trap till death.
9. when hirelings are set to active, they sometimes wont go after monsters until you tell them to attack one. even if the monsters are attacking both of you.

i can go on and on :P feel free to add to the problems... heh... this is just what i seen yesterday

My suggestion is based on something hirelings already do, they teleport right to you a lot of times, could there be a option just for that feature even if the hireling is in close range? (of corse if the hireling is dead that shouldn't work) (and to not be over used and balanced with the game) it could have a few min cool down.. this could temporary help with the dismissing problems

Another suggestion is a trap aware button you can click on to activate... if you walk into a trap the hireling wont follow you into it and stop (this way if you die in a trap you wont lose hireling too)