View Full Version : The Inventory, and the bags.

08-16-2010, 05:05 AM
Keep this in mind, these are ideas, they can be improved, and be changed. If you like, or don't like the idea, tell me what you think. Give feedback, tell me what can be changed, and what is awesome. And most of all, get the DEV's to fix the mess called an inventory!

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While I do agree that the current inventory system works(if only barely), I think it needs changed.

First of all, having bag like ingredient bags, and gem bags is nice, but, they take up inventory space(even if they give more accounting you collect gems, ingredients, whatnot). The whole bag system should be changed, so that they are a built in aprt of your inventory, just like inventory tabs. So instead of clicking on your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd inventory tab, you can click on your gem bag, to look at your gems, or your collectibles bag(which needs added too btw...) to look as your collectibles. With this system, each new character would start with a small bag of each type, and you could then use favor to increase the size of these bags, or purchase upgrades on the DDO store. However, do not restrict any class of bags to the store. What can be gotten in the store, should be able to be gotten in the game(huge bags, lesser reincarnate, etc...). Perhaps, you could even use collapsed portable holes to upgrade your bags? Putting a portable hole inside another portable hole can go on endlessly.

Next, bags shouldn't have stack limits. 1000 dragonshard fragments here, another 1000 there...it makes it incredibly hard to actually try and collect them.

Next, add in more bag types. One for scrolls wands and potions, or each seperately?

Next, you should allow us to change the view, from list(which is currently use in bags), to graphic(which is used in the inventory we currently have).

Also, allowing us to designate a section of our inventory for new items we pick up, and another for items that we swap out on our character would be extremely useful. And locking items into certain slots of course, all of which have been mentioned uncountable times before in this forum.

So, these are my suggestions, could probably use improvements, be straightened out, etc. Feedback is appreciated. And DEV's, really, do something about this mess you call an inventory, seriously. :)