View Full Version : Adjust MGL for Gold Seal Workstation

08-10-2010, 10:46 AM
Not that it bothers me at all because its pretty much a piece of junk to put on a airship, but I've noticed a bit of a problem with the gold seal contract. At level 24, you can unlock the ability to purchase a Gold Seal Device Workstation from the DDO store. HOWEVER, the catch is you won't be able to truely place this on your airship until you are guild level 25, because at level 24, the only airship you get is the Windspyre Sparrow, and that does not have a single large amenity slot.

Unless Turbine has a secret update in the future to give the windspyre sparrow a large amenity slot, then at least fix the Gold Seal Device Workstation to be unlockable at level 25 instead of level 24. It's a shame when someone unlocks a guild level reward, only to realize they can't use it in the slightest because no in-game resource or task can allow them to use it.

08-10-2010, 10:52 AM
IMHO, The workstation, the Bar and the Mailbox should all be:

A) Fixtures that you buy, one time. Gold Seal lets you get it sooner.
B) Parts of your boat that do not count against any hook/placement totals.

They should be just be perma fixtures. They are duplicates, and so far less valuable than the other stuff your guild needs, but should serve as a general advantage for heading to the boat in the first place.